Farce of Nature

 By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Director: Mary Beth Topf


Monday, Sept. 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022 at 7:00 pm


1077 Lake Drive, Port Washington, WI. 53074

             Auditions will consist of reading from the script.

             Please bring any/all known conflicts.

             Rehearsals are 3 Evenings per week (no Fridays) Rehearsals start Mon. September 19th


Character Descriptions:

D. Gene Wilburn: 50 ish owner of the Reel ’Em Inn fishing lodge in Arkansas. Southern accent.
Wanelle Wilburn: 50 ish wife of D. Gene. Southern accent.
Ty Wilburn: Age ranging 20s-30s  Son of D. Gene and Wanelle may have a southern accent that comes and goes due to his pursuing his acting career in Chicago. Also has to cross dress and impersonate a woman.
Jenna Sealy: Age ranging 20s-30s  Girlfriend of Ty. Southern accent and play a good drunk.
Maxie Wiburn Suggs: 50s plus no nonsense country woman. She is D. Genes sister and deputy sheriff. See her as a female Barney Fife. Southern accent.
Carmine DeLuca: age open  Member of Chicago mob who is in witness protection program. Good Chicago mob accent, bad Swedish accent, and bad southern accent.
Lola Barbosa: 40s flashy, sexy, born and bred Chicago Westside with accent to prove it. Owner of Barbosa’s Prime Rib Tickler Dinner Theatre and married to mob boss Sonny Barbosa. 

Sonny Barbosa: 50 ish  Gruff big city tough guy head of the mob and Lola’s husband. Chicago mob accent.
Roxanne Thorne:  Age open. Professional business woman. Great part for someone looking to get their feet wet in theater, not many lines.

The non-stop hilarity of this Southern-fried farce highlights one day in the life of the Wilburn family of Mayhew, Arkansas. Meet D. Gene Wilburn, the owner and proprietor of The Reel 'Em Inn, the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks. Well, it used to be, but lately business is down, tourists are few, and the lone guest who's just checked in - an extremely jittery Carmine DeLuca from Chicago - is only there due to a location shift in the Witness Protection Program. Doesn't anybody just want to fish anymore? Certainly not D. Gene's frustrated wife, Wanelle, who's fed up with their lackluster romantic life. She's taken drastic steps to improve it through hypnotic suggestion and for the life of him, D. Gene cannot understand why his pants keep falling down. D. Gene's feisty sister, Maxie, has her own problems, chief among them battling ageism to resume her career in law enforcement. She' s determined to prove her worth by keeping Carmine DeLuca alive through the weekend - a task that's going to prove to be much harder than she bargained for since she keeps losing both her gun and the bullets. And she never anticipated the gangster Camine's been dodging for the last five years, Sonny Barbosa, is about to walk through the door, in hot pursuit of his sexy wife, Lola. Seems the headstong Lola has driven hundreds of miles to the lodge to follow her boytoy, D. Gene and Wanelle's son, Ty. But Lola meets her match in Ty's seemingly innocent girlfriend, Jenna, whose patience has reached the breaking point after months of waiting for Ty to come home.

In the deliciously funny romp that ensues, they all hide, lie, disguise themselves, cross-dress, and slam doors chasing one another while trying to figure out the source of an increasingly awful stench. By then it's too late and the lodge is surrounded by vicious critters and hungry varmints that have followed the odor down from the hills. Yet by the delightfully chaotic climax of this one outrageous day, love blossoms, truths are revealed and the lives of all - family, guests, and gangsters alike - change in incredible and surprising ways. This side-splittingly funny Jones Hope Wooten comedy is guaranteed to win your audiences over, hook, line, and sinker!

This show has 7 performances and runs Nov. 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, 13, 2022

(2 shows on Saturday Nov. 12, 2022)


Murder Mystery Website

Death by Paintbrush

By Leslie Gunn 

Directed by Ben Johnson


Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 at 6:30 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022 at 6:30 pm


1077 Lake Drive, Port Washington, WI. 53074

             Auditions will consist of reading from the script.

             Please bring any/all known conflicts.

             Rehearsals are 3 Evenings per week (no Fridays) Rehearsals start Mon. October 10rd


Character  Description:

It is the winter of 1923. The heirs of the late Lord Ernest Rothersfield’s have realized that the provisions of his will are only valid until the Christmas following his wife's eightieth birthday. A gathering at the Rothersfield's home includes:-
The Dowager Lady Dorothy Rothersfield - 80, astute and spritely for her age
Annabel Rothersfield their daughter, spoiled
Lord Anthony Rothersfield - their son, meek and mild character, overshadowed by his wife
Lady Kathleen Rothersfield - Lord Anthony's glamorous wife, forthright
Pip Cheverton - artist and close friend of Annabel 
Mr Butler - the Rothersfield's butler
Mrs Cook - mistress of the kitchen
Inspector Harry Moody

Constable Joe Sullen

 Show Snyopsis:

The provisions of the Late Lord Ernest Rothersfield’s will, which includes a generous allowance for his two children and instructions for the disposal of the estate upon his wife’s death, are only valid until the Christmas following her eightieth birthday. With that event only weeks away, the family and close friends of the Dowager Lady Dorothy Rothersfield gather at the family house, when she announces a change in the will which could leave both her children disinherited. The family gather for a portrait, and during the sitting an unexplained death occurs. The police are called and Inspector Harry Moody, and Constable Joe Sullen, who, despite their own peculiarities, are tasked with muddling their way through the odd family and find the culprit!

 This show has 3 performances and runs Nov. 18, 19, & 20 2022


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