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Chicken Comedy FAQs and Group Reservations

What is "Chicken Comedy"?

"Chicken Comedy" is a fun evening which kicks off with you enjoying our Famous, All-You-Can-Eat Broasted Chicken Dinner. After stuffing yourself to capacity, sit back and get ready to work out those stomach muscles as you laugh the night away. Each comedy night begins with some warm-up laughs from your host for the evening, Fox 6's own weatherman, Rob Haswell. Then get ready for another 1 to 1 ½ hours of continued laughter as the headliner takes the stage. Memories' prides itself on presenting you with nothing less than top-notch, nationally renowned comedians, performing what we call, "Comedy with Class."

Is there an age requirement to attend "Chicken Comedy"?

At Memories, we are known for our "family-friendly" entertainment offerings. While some of the material presented at "Chicken Comedy" may contain some adult-content and an occasional " softer cuss word", our comedians are advised to "keep it clean". We do not allow graphic content and strong language. We do not have an age requirement for our guests. It is up to the parent/guardian of a minor to determine that child's level of maturity and tolerance for mild language and mild adult topics. For the comfort of all guests, we would not recommend young children attend "Chicken Comedy" nights.

Is there a drink minimum/requirement if I come to a "Chicken Comedy" night?

No; you are under no obligation to make any soft drink or alcohol purchases at the bar. With your "Chicken Comedy" admission, the basic beverages of coffee, tea and water are included. Guests must be of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages and no carry-ins are allowed.

Is seating done on a first come/first serve basis?

As with all Memories entertainment events, seating is done on a priority-basis. This means that as the event date draws near, the box office refers to the admission/guest reservation purchase log for that day and begins filling in the tables from the front of the theatre and works back, in order of when the order was placed and paid for. Therefore, the sooner you make your reservation and payment, the closer to the stage you will be seated.

Do you allow walk-ins?

While we do accept walk-in guests on the night of the event (pending availability), it is strongly recommended to make reservations prior to arriving at Memories for a "Chicken Comedy" night. Often times, "Chicken Comedy" events sell out, so to prevent disappointment upon arriving to an event and being turned away, due to lack of available seats, making a reservation in advance is your best option to ensuring you won't miss out on that delicious chicken and great laughs.

What if I have a group of friends who all want to come to a "Chicken Comedy" night together?

At Memories, we are thrilled to see groups of friends and family enjoying a night together, experiencing great food and entertainment. To make a group reservation so as smoothly as possible, we strongly recommend that the group of guests select one person to make the reservation for the entire group. Upon making the reservation, you will be asked how many guests are in your group. Payment should be made at the time of reservation. Please inform your guests to check in under the last name of the lead person, who made the reservation, on the night of your visit.

What if the guests of our group all want to pay for their own portion of the reservation?

We realize that it can be a rather large sum of money for one lead guest to make payment for a large group at once. If that is not a viable option, Memories asks that the lead guest call in the reservation for their group and notify the box office at that time that other guests will be calling in their payment separately (Memories accepts Visa, Master Card or Discover). At that time, the lead person should also supply Memories with the list of guest names and how many guests are being paid for under each guest name. Then, when each guest calls in to make payment on their portion of the reservation, our box office staff will locate their name in the previously supplied list and credit the payment to that portion of the reservation.
***Please take note: All Chicken Comedy seating is pre-assigned by Memories' staff. If a group reservation is not organized in the manner described above, Memories CANNOT guarantee we will be able to grant post-reservation seating requests to individuals making separate reservations.